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1.5T Electric pallet Trucks

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 07/09/2015
 แก้ไขล่าสุด: 05/11/2016
 เบอร์โทรติดต่อ: 02-4528-528

ES15 Electric pallet Trucks

Electric Pallet Stacker

Manufacturer   Baoli Forklift
Model   ES15   ES15-P 
Power type   Electric
Rated capacity kg 1500 1500
Load center mm 600 600
Lift height mm 3300 3300
Free lift height mm    
Fork size mm 1150*190*66 1150*190*66

  • AC controller ensure an accurate&stable operation.
  • Maintenance free and extending operating time with brushless AC motor.
  • Side-battery exchange(standard) providing more convenient replacement of batteries.
  • German-made tiller with an integration of all the functions,makes single hand operation possible with both hands.
  • High safety of operator i.e. by automatic reversing if tiller head button hits operator body or obstacles.
  • Dedicated mast for maximum visibility due to wide design.
  • Offset driving wheel in combination with castor wheel increase stability of truck during lifting,while minimize the maintenance frequency compared to a single central wheel.
  • Stand on operation with platform for longer/medium distance applications.



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